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Hollowpass Town Mysteries is a modern fanstasy/paranormal romance interactive story about mystery and relationships you can form with others you meet - be it romantic, platonic or antagonistic.


  • Play as a woman, man or non-binary person.  
  • Establish relationships with the characters: be exes, enemies, friends, or lovers.
  • Build up your protagonist's personality and preferences that suits you and your playthrough.
  • But most importantly, discover the mysteries of Hollowpass town and find out what happened to your brother!

Your younger brother, who was loved by everyone, has disappeared. In a small town like this it’s a huge case, and while you have to suffer through the nightmares that might not be just dreams after all, it seems everyone has given up. Fortunately for you, there are still some people who want to help you...

While the main plot of the game is discovering what happened to the protagonist's brother, the emphasis of the Hollowpass story is on the relationship between the characters. Romance is an important part, but not a necessary one.

Warnings: blood, violence, mention of death, horror elements.

The game's Tumblr blog.

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You, the protagonist, are an older sibling of a missing person. While their age is set to be mid twenties, their appearance, name and personality are customizable.

There are two main Romance Options (their genders are chosen by the player) with a polyamorous route (you'll be the 'catalyst', they won't end up together without you):

Maxwell/Maxine 'Max' Jones: a deputy, who started working recently thinking they were going  to help and protect people, but the station might not be exactly what they thought it would be...

Jamie/James 'Jay' Ryans: your childhood friend and someone your younger brother used to look up to.  While they might not be very friendly towards other people, you are one of the exceptions.

Other two characters are the bonus romance options (gender selectable as well):

Robin Clayton: gang leader. Could be intimidating, empowered by their very tall height and yet be very charming, which seems to be a facade... Or maybe their tough persona they put up is their mask. But what one might notice is that they almost always seem... bored?

Dina/Dylan Maddison-Lee: went to the same university as you, now working as a criminalist. Might be your acquaintance, friend, rival or ex, who you meet a bit later in the story.

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Chapter 3-1 "What did you want to tell $mr."  Should be $Mr

Thank you for telling me! It's going to be fixed soon


hello! this is such a good IF! can't wait for future updates!! just thought i'd let you know that the abbreviation for polyamorous is actually polyam because poly is an identifying label used by people of Polynesian descent. i only recently found this out so i thought i'd let you know, if you'd like to change it! have a nice day/night 


Hi! I didn't know that so thank you for telling me, already changed it!


That was so good i really liked all the characters , I'm waiting for the next chapters!


This gotten me hooked quite a lot. The characters are really engaging and really good, the mysterious intrigue about the whole ordeal is great. Robin is my favourite so far can't wait for more!


I really liked the story so far, its really got me intrigued, i hope to be able to experience it in its full release later down the line, for now tho, its more of a piece of cake leaving me greedy for the whole piece.